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 Lash Extensions are ideal for women with light or short lashes and want to add more fullness. Lash extensions have also become  popular  options for vacations, weddings, social events, or to simply add more drama to your makeup. 

During your consultation your stylist will help you choose a customized lash look that will match and compliment your existing lashes.  The application is painless, and you should expect your appointment to take up to two hours.

What to Expect

Extension will last the duration of the natural eyelash cycle. Healthy eyelashes grow in and fall out in a period of 30 to 60 days. Typically one to two eyelashes fall out a day, but there are new lashes growing to replace the ones that fall out. Since your extensions are attached directly to the lashes and not you the eyelid, the extensions will fall out with the lashes that fall out. With good aftercare techniques, like regular cleansing and gentle handling, your extensions can last up to 60 days.

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Lash Sets


Ari Signature

Premiun Silk Mink lashes 60 to 80  lashes

|90 minutes | $150

Touch Up

60 minute | $55

90minute | $95

Ari XL

Premium Silk Mink Lashes 100 Plus count

|90 minutes | $199

Touch Up

60 minute | $55

90minute | $95

100% Real Mink

60 to 80 lashes

|90 minutes | $195

Touch Up

60 minute | $55

90minute | $95


Classic single lashes and volume lashes mix

|90 minutes | $225

Touch Up

90minute | $105

Ari Mega Volume

3D (3 hairs in 1 lash) & 5D (5 hairs in 1 lash). Also known as russian volume lashes. 

|90minuts| $275

Touch Up

90minute | $150

Las Bath

A cleaning of build up  that can occur at the lash line

|25 minutes| $35

Lash Removal

Gel solution applied to your lashes for careful brush removal

| 30 minutes | $50